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Kinesiology Courses

Touch for Health Foundation was originally developed by the late Dr John Thie who believed that we all possess the power of healing and the ability to move towards a more abundant, healthy life. His wish was that individuals, families and professional health-care workers should develop these important skills. The Touch for Health synthesis was introduced in 1970. He said, ‘With every new class, our scope and our influence extend. We welcome your participation in this class and thank you for joining us in making this a better world through natural health.’

Courses Price Syllabus includes
Level 1 £230 Muscle monitoring; 14 muscle balance; goal-setting; skills to improve co-ordination and sensory awareness; balancing with food; simple techniques to reduce pain and emotional stress.
Level 2 £230 1-point balance using the Chinese Wheel; the theory and practice of the Law of Five Elements; Yin and Yang concepts; 28 muscle balance; techniques for recent pain; food testing for sensitivities.
Level 3 £230 42 muscle balance; balancing with colour; reactive muscle theory; balancing for past trauma; techniques for chronic pain; gait testing.
Level 4 £230 42 muscle balance prone/supine; balancing with sound; in-depth theory of emotions and Five Elements; postural trauma release; time-of-day balance; figure of eight energy.

Additional Information

*Prices includes all course materials, lunch and certificate.*


Level 1 is a stand-alone module, upon which the other levels build. If you wish to progress to
practitioner level, you will attend a proficiency day after Level 4, followed by an assessment
(both undertaken by another instructor).

Courses are held at Bickleigh, near Tiverton in Devon. Please contact me for further details.